Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fuel Auto Feed and When it Fails

We know that fuel in an aircraft is stored within its wing tanks and the fuselage center tanks. Some airliners like A330s and A340s have trim tanks to carry fuel. This fuel is fed to the engine with a known sequence and this sequence depends on many factors.

Fuel Auto Feeding allows this sequence to occur automatically when the MODE SELECTOR is at Auto. There are two positions for the Mode Selector push button, AUTO and MANUAL. When the Auto mode is selected center tank fuel will be fed to the engines automatically according the fuel feeding sequence and when it is at Manual, pilot has to feed the center tank fuel manually by associated push buttons.

When the Mode Selector is at Auto center tanks pumps are controlled automatically;

  • Pumps operate at engine start for two minutes.
  • pumps will operate provided that slats are fully retracted.
  • pumps will shut off five minutes after reaching low level.

Fault light at the Mode Selector will illuminate if center tank has fuel more than 200 Kg and Wing tank(left or right) has less that 5000 Kg of fuel.

When will the 'FUEL AUTO FEED FAULT' ECAM warning appears?

  • when a low level is detected in center tanks.
  • when center tank pumps operate during slat operation
  • when center tank has fuel more than 200 Kg and wing tank(left or right) has less than 5000 Kg of fuel.

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